Pasaporte From the moment that our babies born, are in full observation, ensuring their health and well-being. Take samples of weight to verify according to our curves elaborate growth from samples obtained during all these years that grow as expected in a satisfactoryly. They are subjected to various tests and treatments during the time remaining in our House, for the prevention of parasites or viruses, following the established guidelines by our veterinary service. They follow a strict worming control consistent in:

*At 20 days, is applied the dose proportional to puppies weight of Canex paste .
* At 40 days are given Panacur paste for puppies.


Vet Since they are born until they are delivered, they are continually in revision by our vets that are responsible for their health. They marked us guidelines we follow strictly, each are explored to see the growth of weight, height, teeth, eyes, ears, coat, etc., nothing out of control, and in this way, they reach healthy and prepared the implementation of ID microchip that takes place within 45 days, coinciding with the administration of the first dose of vaccine the Parvovirus. Usually they do not have any reaction to the vaccine, although it may have some mild decay in the mood temporarily. About 15 days after vaccination against parvo, take another deworming, and a second vaccination against Hepatitis, Leptotirosis, Distemper and another dose against Parvo. Between 60 and 70 days of life are delivered to families, along with their documentation.

Pasaporte At the time of birth, veterinary services open tab expede the puppy and his passport, which contains a record of the treatments followed . This passport is unique for the whole European Union and enough to travel the European common space. Simply will be necessary to update their internal deworming and re-vaccinations, especially as refers to rabies. You should pay particular attention to this, because the law is stricter and can vary from one member state to another. If traveling to countries outside the European Union, it is advisable to contact the embassy of the destination country, to know the procedures and previous veterinary certificates must accompany him on the trip. All your medical history both vaccinations, deworming, reviews, operations in this document, so you will not need to purchase any other document or 'health card' private veterinarian should impose any purchasing your book.

Before the march to their new homes, the veterinary service will give us high puppy, delivering a document certifying good health.

Pasaporte Todos los Shibas y Shikokus de nuestra casa son poseedores del L.O.E., lo que significa Libro de Origenes Español. Este documento es lo que habitualmente la gente denomina 'pedigrí', un documento acreditativo en el que consta su número de identificación en la Real Sociedad Canina, y mediante el cual es posible la trazabilidad de sus antepasados. Este documento suele tardar algunas semanas en ser tramitado, por lo que en muchos casos las familias adoptantes lo recibiran con posterioridad a la recogida del Shiba Inu. También es posible solicitar opcionalmente el 'Árbol Genealógico', en cuyo caso si lo desean, podemos gestionar el trámite.

Durante todo el tiempo que conviven con nosotros estan expuestos a multitud de sensaciones nuevas, ruidos extraños, musica, juegos etc., ademas cabe mencionar la sociabilizacion que intentamos darle,vivir con niños, visita de vecinos, familiares, paseos por el pueblo para conocer y experimentar ruidos de vehiculos, campanas, bocinas, descubrir una bicicleta o un container, todo para que ellos se sientan y esten lo mas preparados posibles para la convivencia en sus nuevos hogares y ciudades tan diferentes a la vez de la vida de pueblo.

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