There are many moments that we have spent with our companions since we met that spectacular breed that is the Shiba Inu. They have been happy and sad moments in the middle of the daily routine. From the beginning, and encouraged by others who knew the breed better, we always had a clear objective: to contribute to the task of raising awareness of a breed that, although widely accepted, was not widely disseminated.

From the beginning we were clear that to carry out our objective it would not be enough to put two «shibas» together. It was necessary to choose these specimens, to build adequate facilities, to change our place of residence, to dedicate time, money and a great desire to overcome the hard times and await the reward of daily effort.

More than 19 years later, the registration of numerous new copies each year in LOE, the appearance of knowledge exchange forums on the breed, and the presence of the breed in other areas of daily life confirm that much of our objective is compliment.

Far from being satisfied with success, the growing number of crossings between uncontrolled specimens has led us to consider new objectives, setting new challenges such as introducing the concept of conserving the breed according to widely accepted standards and selecting specimens. according to those standards.

In addition, from here we want to take the opportunity to thank all those people who have trusted us and who thanks to their enthusiasm have encouraged us in the hard daily work and also those who with their criticism have helped to focus our effort; In a way, we want to dedicate this page to all of them, and to all those who continue to do so.

We also want to thank our 4 children for their dedication and love for all animals, who have participated and been involved in the entire cycle of education and upbringing of the shiba inu from a very young age, providing all our puppies and adults with more humanity and socialization. Our children and our shibas are our motivation to continue and improve each day.

From here, we thank the entire Hayato family, who have selflessly collaborated in the creation of this website by providing their support, photos and suggestions so that we continue to grow in this great project. We thus begin a new stage that we hope to continue sharing with all of you. All the photos of Shiba Inus that appear on this website are of the Hayato Kumi family, both their own and descendants of them given by their owners for inclusion here.

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Hayato Kumi
Colección Ilustración a color de @idoianeves
Un privilegio tener a todos los shibas que han pasado y pasarán por mi vida dibujados por ella.
@hayatokumi #hayatokumishibas @ayenekampala

Ron Hayato Kumi.
Estilazo !!!!
@hayatokumi #hayatokumishibas @ayenekampala @danipiazuelo

Mis amores. Ya que el covid19 nos tiene restringidos para las visitas, al menos podéis verlos en video. Y ellos encantados de saludar a todo el mundo. 🥰

@hayatokumi #hayatokumishibas @ayenekampala #shibainu

Hashira Hayato Kumi
Guapísima como siempre.
@hayatokumi #hayatokumishibas @rossitahpei

Nuestra preciosa finca se pierde en el paisaje.
@hayatokumi #hayatokumishibas

Y tendremos nieve pa largo...
@hayatokumi #hayatokumishibas

Donna y Sascha de juegos.
Disfrutar mis pequeñas!
Donna no deja la pelota, vaya a ser que la pierda.
@hayatokumi #hayatokumishibas

Detalles que enamoran.
Gracias familia SusanaSusana

Venga Romeo que tú puedes!
Y seguimos con montones de nieve.
50cm en nuestra finca. Histórico.
#hayatokumishibas @ayenekampala

Geron. Mastín del pirineo.
Precioso mi sobrino canino.

A correr!!!
Y yo tirándo bolitas...jjjjj
@hayatokumi #hayatokumishibas

  • "Max se adaptó perfectamente a la familia. Es un perro seguro y extrovertido, muy cariñoso con todos." Max Hayato Kumi

  • En la búsqueda de nuestro shiba inu, conocimos a personas geniales que nos ayudaron mucho y nos recomendaron Hayato Kumi. Monica es una persona muy agradable y que te responde a todas las dudas que puedas tener. Nos demostró la importancia y amor que dan a sus perros.  Hemos repetido con un segundo shiba, por lo tanto lo recomendamos 100%. Neo Hayato Kumi

  • Tengo la mejor shiba del mundo¡ super cariñosa, buena, sociable y simpática. Y todo gracias a su criadora, la recomiendo sin dudarlo. Gracias. Lia Hayato Kumi

  • "Shiro es una shiba traviesa, bonita, lista, mimosa cuando quiere, bromista, muy sociable y presumida, en fin, una diva." Shiro Hayato Kumi

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