From twelve months onwards / Puppy evolution

Although they have already reached adulthood, they can still continue to grow and develop psychologically during this time. During this time, dogs continue to learn and establish roles both in the family environment and in their relationships with other dogs. It may not be until 3 or 4 years of age that problems begin to arise between the dog and the other dogs that live in the same house. Although infrequent, the young dog may attempt to wrest dominance from the older dog when it reaches the maturity necessary to realize its own status. Physical activity can be intensified.

Generally, a dog is considered to be fully mature from one and a half years of age. When the puppy reaches maturity, it tends to be more energetic and protective. We can look at their body language to detect aggressive behavior before they have consequences: turning in circles with the tail and head erect, walking on the tips, stiff wagging of the tail ... The bones and joints of our puppy have already developed what to develop a more varied exercise. If progress has been made in the control without strap, you can evolve to activities such as work tests, jogging, etc.

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