From month and a half to two months / Puppy evolution

From the 6th week the puppy maintains an increasing activity. The mother no longer shows the same interest and affection of the previous weeks and human intervention is essential. The socialization must take place at this age, with an intense work on the part of the breeders that lasts up to 12 weeks during which the puppy is exposed to a great amount and variety of stimuli. In addition, during these weeks the puppies will face the severe education of their mother, they will manifest their sexual and hunting instincts. It is time that the puppies begin to have contact with the outside world although the fact of not having completed their vaccination program prevents them from fully relating to other dogs, provided that we know that they are adults, they are sociable and they are perfectly vaccinated against everything.

A puppy duly socialized and familiar with the environment becomes a self-confident, happy and obedient adult. During these weeks is when they most need the game with their brothers and when they endlessly nail their sharp teeth like pins to everything around them to find out which elements of the world around them are living beings and which only inanimate objects.

At around 7 or 8 weeks the puppy is fully weaned and is able to ingest the solid food and water it needs on its own. At this stage, it is convenient to prepare homemade meals based on rice, meat and vegetables, which they can easily eat since they may not yet have sufficiently developed teeth to cut the hard cookies of industrial foods.

With 8 weeks he is ready to separate himself from his mother and from his companions, although we always prefer to keep them together until the very moment of his departure, progressively increasing his absence periods.

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