Tools The equipment and facilities have been adapted thinking about the welfare of our loyal companions . Over the years, we have realized how important and necessary it is to have from a small accessory to a large kennel . In a changing and improvement process , we have all kinds of materials susceptible of being needed daily from the most insignificant to slat clippers , infrared lamps , chip readers , adapted vehicles , animal health products , cages , parks, modular boxes , etc. . .

About our facilities, they have been designed to ensure the best physical and psychological condition of our dogs. With a design that seeks to provide a degree of wildness , it integrates seamlessly with the landscape in a natural area of thousands of square meters and tens of almond trees and frutal trees. The facilities are divided into several areas , mainly composed of the living areas , the quarantine area and the area of nursing .


The most important area and the one that occupy most of the time is the living area .It is composed of Communal area, individual zone outside and a covered area inside . Dogs are social animals that establish a hierarchy , play with their congeners or simply enjoy taking the sun. For this purpose we have different areas where dogs can express themselves freely and naturally. With full visibility, dogs can see everything that happens around them, odors, noise , etc. .. thus avoiding sadness, boredom , depression and compulsive behaviors . We want our dogs to enjoy themselves , so they are there the most part, except to eat and / or sleep. For these moments, they have their individual kennels , with a 12m2 sufficient to exercise more a wide area inside, which apart from serving to sleep, with the roof insulation , also provide sun protection and sufucient cold and provide privacy for those dogs who need a moment of peace. Like the community park , the outdoor areas have full visibility so the dogs are not locked , thus being able to see their peers. Also we have a modular mobile parks, that are very useful in different cases such as : recovery from illness , temporary displacement disinfection of the main buildings , temporary stay outside our house dogs , etc. .

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