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The Dog Show

The exhibitions are organized by the Royal Canine society, or its affiliates, the different regional canine societies. To participate in them, it is essential that the dog is registered in the L.O.E. (book of Spanish origins), or in books of origins foreigners, recognised by the F.C.I. at least one month before the date set for the start of the period of registration for the exhibition. Dog shows have as its main objective the selection and improvement of the breeds. They shows the participants, which are examined and evaluated by judges according to a standard (racial pattern) previously established. They also provide valuable information for the work of breeding and selection:

  • - Let you learn more about each copy: qualities and defects
  • - Receive advice from judges specialists in the race
  • - Learn about the existence and activities of the breed clubs
  • - Exchange information with other experts or breeders of race

Dog shows are reserved exclusively to the dogs that are registered in the book of origins. Also allow visitors to learn about breeds exposed, learn the skills and needs of each one of them: care, food, exercise, ...


Before participating in a dog show should be prepared:

  • - A registration form from the regional Canine society which organises the exhibition.
  • - Verify all vaccines in particular rabies are a day.

When the Organization has verified the payment of registration and registered your participation, send you by postal mail a letter with the data, accompanied by a dorsal numbered by each of the registered dogs. That number corresponds to the registration of your dog in the catalog. The presenter of the dog (handler) shall take that back on him in the ring. The exhibition calendar is fixed each year between the different regional canine societies and the central Canine society. There are national and international exhibitions. In the first turns on game point of the Championship of the country concerned. In international, is also granted for international championship point.

In dog shows, judges compared the morphology of a large number of dogs of the same breed. They judge you by sex according to digerentes categories or classes. Time for registration shall show the class.


Participate in an exhibition requires a thorough preparation of the owner and the dog. Your dog should be shown under their best, health and vitality possible. Teach him to:
  • - Walking perfectly.
  • - A stay immobil and right legs.
  • - A not scared by the noise and movement of people.
  • - A left look and feel without bite by a person who does not know. In this case the judge.

An special nutritional preparation improve the quality of their fur .

In the exhibition

The big day arrives. After having registered your dog to an exhibition, you should be care to do not present it if not is in perfect health and in full form. Second very important point: keep your dog educated to arise and stay with you. The strict course of an exhibition should be following a few simple rules:
  • - At the entrance, present your proof of Exhibitor and immunization records of your dog.
  • - Look quickly a site for the cage and remain there.
  • - Locate your ring and quickly respond to calls for microphone.
  • - Place you display numbered clearly back your clothes..
  • - Follow carefully the instructions of the judge.
  • - Put all the attention on your dog and let him meekly pay all tests that will be performed on him: teeth, confirmation class.
  • - Stay with your dog.
  • - Accept whatever the decision of the judge in any case should must be discussed or debated. (Remember that judgments are based on comparison of a dog with the standard by a judge, so the interpretation may contain some degree of subjectivity)

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