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The Dog Show


First, the judge works by comparing each dog with the official standard described the ideal individual of this breed. These standards, which describe the morphology and temperament, are established by the major associations of breeders (Federación Cinológica Internacional, American Kennel Club, etc.). All the dogs presented, the judge selects those who most are approaching their respective standards.

However, judging the dogs with respect to a different standard judges classified differently from the same dogs. This is due to several factors come into play, as the individual factor judge, ie their interpretation thereof relative to the standard, depending on his experience, his preferences and the importance given to certain criteria compared to others, or the single factor that results from the pairing of the dog and his master. Also, there aren't always animals in the same condition, the outside temperature can affect certain breeds more, etc..

It is often useful to see the judge before which will be presented in order to better understand their preferences and expectations. In all case, it must correctly accept the result at the end of the competition even when failure to obtain the expected classification.

The parameters used to define the quality of a dog are generally:

- The typing , ie all the features that make the difference with the other races.
- Harmony, balance. For example, a head can be very beautiful but not correspond with the volume required by the race, compared to the body.
- The personality. The character is fundamental. If it is shy, aggressive or lazy you can not perform the task which reserves it.
- The structure . It is extremely important that the dog possesses a skeleton and muscle mass right. These features are discussed in detail, both when the animal is still as when you move (walk, trot).
- The Presentation general of Dog, hair, weight, hairdressing, cleaning.

The definition of a "good" dog could be: presenting the largest number of characteristics common to their sex and race, as well as having a correct temperament, a condition of presentation and sufficient training to quickly display their qualities.

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