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The puppy: 1 month

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At the end of gestation that lasts between 57 and 72 days, the dog gives birth. The puppy gets out of the sorrounded by the bloody placental membrane and his mother cuts the cord with his teeth and opens the membrane. All this mass should be eatem. then the mother licks her the puppy stimulating his breathing. In principle it is better not to disturb during childbirth, but sometimes you have to help to avoid risks. During this first phase of his life the main activity of the puppy will be slepping. When it sleeps, puppies suck with a regularity of about 3-4 hours.

The puppy in the first few weeks doesn't walk, so to breastfeed or close to heat sources have to crawl. During this period the puppy is in a vegetative phase because the puppy's life is dominated by sleep and reflex activities. The permanence of the mother with the puppies is essential to the welfare of the child.

Around 10-15 days, the puppies begin to open the eyelids and is from the fourth week when they begin to see more clearly. Although the vision is not yet perfect, from 3 weeks old usually get moving with some ease by walking instead of crawling and in this state the puppies normally risk exploration initially, begin to play, to stick to his mother and to recognize the identity of their peers. Brief periods of activity are alternating with others of prolonged sleep. With five weeks, puppies can now see, hear and smell as adult dogs, but only manage to focus their attention for short periods of time, very short. It is the best time to be with them, and begin to accustom both the presence and human scent, to play with them and handle them gently.
Weaning starts from the 3rd week, when the milk production of the mothers begins to decrease at the same time they begin to show more elusive behavior toward the pups when they try to suckle. Weaning continues until the 5th week. During this period is normal that the mother regurcite food of her stomach to stimulate their puppies to eat more solid food than milk.

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