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The puppy: month 3

From two months to three months

Socialization initiated in previous weeks will last until 12. Playing among them, the puppies have learned the hierarchy. With his brothers and sisters the puppy has learned combat techniques and life in pack, testing dominance and submission and the first signs of sexual activity.

At 3 months, the puppy's mate changes and wants to play with people. Invites you to share his frantic activity, their desire of continuous play. Reverence ago to invite game, staring at his master. It is time to join his game, to teach him to run after the ball, to walk and run together. The game provides the basis of the hierarchy, and between dogs, avoid biting fights, reduces aggressive tendencies and strengthens the relationship between man and dog.

At this age, the puppy can go for short walk of no more than 10 or 15 minutes. Still forming bone and muscle structure and is not suitable to submit to high physical exertion. We must begin to accustom to the use of collar and leash. This makes easier submitting to the authority of his master and will also be an indispensable accessory after learning. At the beginning and until he loses the fear, you must give short walks inside the house, for a month at least, then if you start hiking outside your house.

Her brain becomes nearly formed and is a sponge needed of information. The puppy is interested by everything around him, any object moving, any noise, traffic, a door, etc.. Avoid exhaustion and subjecting to too many stimuli. It will be convenient at this stage that the puppy discovers the world and be patience to let he investigate, giving a margin so he can sniff, listen and watch. All this information will be assimilated by the puppy and will earn in safety.

Maximum growth is reached between 3 and 5 months. It is the time when ties are stronger and deeper relationships between you and your dog. Starting this month the puppy is ready for his first serious lessons of obedience, always with patience and gentleness.

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