The Shiba

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This small dog strong and cunning as a Fox came to the Japanese archipelago more than 3,000 years ago. He is considered one of the oldest races in the country. Probably came from southern China where they lived wild dogs which seemed you very much. Following migration human, it seems that it went through Korea, before arriving at the island of Honshu the largest of the Japanese archipelago.

Its main mission was hunting, trace the birds as the yamadori, a species of pheasant, hunting but also to pursue the Hare, Badger, Fox. And despite its small size, it is believed that he also hunted wild boars and bears. As it was the only dog of these regions, this brave friend still remaining very pure. In this way it was many centuries which the Shiba Inu noy have any change, but thanks their cunning, improve his hunter qualities. Families remained faithful. Love to the race was transmitted from generation to generation. And though the dog does not occupy a position of importance in traditional Japanese culture, the Shiba Inu if an item was jealously protected.

  In 1910-1912 the Japanese became interested in dog breeding. They listed their races, studied and tried to preserve them. It was recognized that they were part of the national heritage. Official protection of the Shiba Inu was declared in 1936. The outbreak of the Second World War caused havoc in the canine population. At the end of the war, the Shiba Inu was about to die. Dog experts made an considerable effort and traveled to remote villages of the island of Honshu, to try to find survivors and from most characteristic specimens to reconstruct the breed. The operation turned out a success.

  Currently, the Shiba Inu has become one of the most popular pet dogs in Japan. In a modest number has arrived to Europe.

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